Preparing for the RSA Security Conference
The greatest values of the RSA conference are knowledge gained from the sessions, exposure to emerging security technologies on the expo floor, catching up with colleagues and making new connections. You need to prepare well in advance to make the most of the conference and after-hours activities.

RSA is Near, Courtesy to Vendors
The quote "Always be closing" is a mantra for sales professionals. With that in mind, here are tips in preparation for the RSA conference.

Austin Haunts
This page is a great reference for friends or family about to come to Austin for a visit. Here are my favorite things to do in Austin!!!

Give Us The News Quickly, Now!
It’s time for a new format for news programs. The average adult consumes information at a rapid pace, reading 100 or more e-mail in a typical work day.

vCISOs as Partners
Leaders, please consider Virtual Chief Information Security Officers (vCISOs) as your partners. vCISOs are in high demand so business development not a consuming motivation.

Fires Burn Underground
Leaders please take notice. Hostile nation states, criminal enterprises and insider threat will not provide courtesy. It's necessary to identify and mitigate cybersecurity risk, to have appropriate safeguards in place.