Professional Development (In General)
Here are tips to improve yourself as a professional. Following this path with make you more effective in your current role. Pursuit of professional development will also help prepare you for a future role and the benefits and rewards that come along with it.

Information Security Professional
Many people seek advice for how to become an Information Security (InfoSec) Professional. This page grew out of e-mail to them and continues to change over time.

Time Management – Control and Efficiency
If your calendar is booked solid and e-mail fills your inbox, a time management system is necessary to maintain order, improve productivity and maintain a healthy work-life balance. This approach includes traditional time management techniques blended with pursuit of longer-term goals and management routines.

Communications Visualization
This PowerPoint slide is a good way to visually document a communications plan. If you find it of interest, start with a piece of paper for ease of use. Write your initials in the center of the paper and draw three circles around them.

How to Get Promoted
This page focuses on what you need to execute or deliver on to demonstrate leadership. It also provides leadership qualities and practical advice to help prove you are 'ready now' for promotion.

Job Search Portfolio
This page focuses on how to prepare a job search portfolio. It includes tips for completing a resume, a career profile slide and how to pull it all together in a portfolio.