Cybersecurity Keynote Speaker | Virtual Event Speaker | Gideon Rasmussen

Gideon is available to present at conferences, chapter meetings, universities and corporate/government events.

Each session provides practical advice in the areas of cybersecurity and operational risk management. The goal is to provide attendees with information they can use upon return to work.

Gideon creates slide decks in USAF crash course format. The presentation style is fast paced, covering many slides. That keeps the audience's attention and conveys a significant amount of information within the allotted time. Each deck includes resource links at the end which make the PDF a great take-away.

Paid Speaking Engagements

"Gideon joined us as a keynote speaker for a cybersecurity event based in Austin, Texas, sharing insights on the topic "Cybersecurity Team Development and Retention." He was excellent to work with throughout the whole process, from preparing talking points, to promoting the event actively with his network, to excellent delivery on stage. The audience enjoyed the talk and engaged with Gideon through an active Q&A -- one attendee even remarked to event organizers: "We rarely get content on how to become a manager in security, or how to best support your team and also advocate for yourself. This was just as helpful as the technical topics we typically get at conferences -- if not more." With feedback like that, we would recommend Gideon as a partner for any paid speaker engagement!"

"Gideon provided a paid security speaking engagement for a business unit of our company and was very comprehensive. He provided all content and resources and was extremely well prepared. He even went so far as to arrange several calls ahead of the presentation with myself (security professional) and the group head to ensure that the content of the presentation was well tailored for our group. Gideon's presentation was very well received by the team to which he spoke. He got our business people thinking about security and kept them engaged for the duration of the talk."

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