Manager: "Gideon is a multi-faceted information security professional. He hit the ground running and provided valuable contributions and insights from day one.

Due to his background and experience, we trained and designated Gideon as an Information Security Officer (ISO). Gideon ensured information protection ratings and related compensating controls were implemented. In an advisory capacity, he participated in the requirements phase of many new projects including eVault and Archive Factory. Gideon interpreted vulnerability assessment scans and facilitated correction of the findings. He also considered technical security policy exception requests and participated in engineering reviews.

Gideon demonstrated strong auditing abilities during non-standard account reviews and Sarbanes Oxley system audits (e.g. systematic removal of accesses, least privilege and system hardening). Our New York office also requested his services to review security activities to assure that appropriate policies and procedures were followed.

Gideon has extensive security awareness experience and was instrumental in establishing our awareness program. He devised an implementation plan, created numerous presentations and conducted mass security briefings and office space reviews. Furthermore, the global security team requested Gideon's assistance in revising their information security website. Gideon changed the format  from an organizational site to a security awareness format. Gideon also contributed to the global ISO handbook and training program.

Gideon discovered two broad-reaching security issues and facilitated their correction. He is known locally as a security professional that gets the job done. IT personnel raise issues to him. Gideon is a proven security advocate and has brought many around to his way of thinking by explaining why security measures are necessary.

Gideon is agile, extremely dedicated and has a fresh perspective from his years of experience in fortune 500 and military organizations. He has made significant contributions to local site security here in Connecticut and globally throughout the corporation. I would happily bring him back as a full-time employee.

Director: "Gideon brings rare, continuously deepening expertise and ever-broadening professionalism to his work. He effectively managed his infrastructure delivery to schedules that continuously impressed our business sponsors, and did so with a degree of quality not in evidence prior to his arrival. For both internal and external operations environments supporting a complex of 24/7 applications, he established a systematic incident response program, in-depth specifications of device and host builds tracking to best practices, layered monitoring with intrusion detection, routine maintenance reviews and audits (including SLA compliance of external vendors), reliable disaster recovery and capacity plans targeted to meet the growth needs of business - all of these "Rasmussen programs" became templates for systems operations groups throughout the corporation.

Gideon streamlined the operations, designed and implemented business resumption with continuity plans, while laying the ground work for our security program, guiding the firm-wide information security policy, conducting politically sensitive security audits internally as well as due diligence of vendors externally. He tremendously improved security awareness in a very short time, and effectively and generously mentored his junior staff in operations and security matters.

Gideon is a tremendous technologist and security professional who continually exceeds expectations, adding value at every turn. He will hit the ground running and be a tremendous asset wherever he goes".

Director: "Gideon became known as a security professional with in the company through security articles and newly acquired security certifications. His first project was to completely revise our general security policy to include newly acquired divisions and the establishment of a security organization. From there he transitioned to the Security Liaison role full-time. Gideon laid out a logical information security program through the security policy and his "10 security measures" framework. The security program took shape quickly through Gideon's security awareness and incident response programs. After giving our first annual information security briefing, Gideon conducted internal audits and provided detailed findings back to management. Gideon devised cost effective solutions for internal control deficiencies and enabled the company to implement new policies and procedures in a very short period of time. His efforts were also instrumental in preparing the organization for an external Sarbanes Oxley audit.

Gideon's commitment to educating our employees about information security and Sarbanes Oxley requirements contributed to a greater awareness of the role of IT Governance and its value to our day-to-day management of the IT infrastructure. Gideon has proven problem solving, analytical, project management, interpersonal, multi-tasking and communication skills. In recognition of this, our CEO presented him with company employee of the month.

Gideon brings with him a rich security background from his time spent in military and fortune 500 organizations. He is an intense, " hard charging " individual who takes responsibility for projects and drives them thorough to completion. I am deeply impressed by Gideon and recommend him to you without hesitation."

CTO: "Gideon managed the infrastructure and security of our three business-to-business web sites. His first assignment with us was to stabilize the security and operations of our externally hosted web sites. He conducted quarterly on-site assessments and high availability tests of the hosting provider. As a result of his success with this project, he was tasked with overseeing the creation of a new platform internally hosted at our New York offices and the corporate datacenter. This aggressive project entailed the creation of development, staging and production environments over a three-month period. Gideon delivered a quality platform within budget and on time.

Gideon also took the initiative to liaise between corporate underwriters, potential clients and security firms. He worked with our hosting provider, the corporate datacenter, and the Chief Security Officer to help improve the policies and procedures related to project management, security, auditing, monitoring and high availability. Moreover, he fostered camaraderie and esprit de corps among his team and with other departments in a difficult environment with many conflicting priorities.

Gideon is a conscientious worker with an excellent work ethic. He is a strong advocate of security and is responsible for improving the awareness of security issues for those around him, including the business management of our division. He has also worked hard to provide valuable documentation to our division which details all our operations and production support procedures and which will be used as the basis to guide others in the department.

I strongly recommend Gideon to you for his dedication, his knowledge and his ability to get the job done".

CTO: "Gideon has performed superbly in a number of capacities, highlighting his range of skills. His mastery of information security, augmented by his advanced Solaris administration knowledge, formed a solid basis.

Gideon stabilized the infrastructure through periodic on-site assessments, high availability and monitoring testing. He increased security with monthly configuration and log reviews, strictly controlled firewall configurations and by hardening Solaris and the commercial and custom applications. Gideon managed the Operations team effectively by formalizing processes, procedures, and centralized operations documentation. He also established an incident response program with layered monitoring, escalation plans, a recall roster and incident reporting.

In addition to his proven skills and abilities, we greatly value Gideon's resourcefulness, solid judgement and proactive approach to correcting weaknesses and insecurities before they become outages. Gideon communicates clearly and effectively, and has established dialogue and trust with peers, subordinates and senior management.

Gideon exhibits the rare combination of skills, the focus and discipline to function efficiently, effectively, reliably and consistently.

It is both an honor and pleasure to have the opportunity to work with Gideon. I feel confident in expecting Gideon to excel in future security management positions".

USAF SSgt: "I met Gideon Rasmussen at Bolling AFB, Washington DC in November of 1996. The first thing that impressed me was the way he carried himself. He is the consumate professional.

As his supervisor, I constantly challenged him with tasks normally reserved for people with more rank and responsibility than Gideon. I knew he would not fail. On his performance reports, I always rated him as high as I was allowed. In eighteen years as a computer operator, I have seen only a handful of people that have the high work ethics that Gideon holds.

Gideon not only did his job, but also volunteered his expertise wherever it was needed. He used his own time to learn Information Security and the UNIX operating system. Both were areas he readilly applied to his job in the Air Force. He also completed many special projects for the workcenter.

I have no doubt that Gideon will provide you the same high quality service that he gave the Air Force and myself. I am confident that your company will benefit from him".