One of my friends said, Riders never have to see a Therapist. I believe him. Riding causes you to focus on the road, what is going on around you and what you are doing with the bike. There is no room for work or other concerns in your life.

Riding takes enjoyment of driving to the next level. Riding provides a more intimate experience. Motorcycle riders lean and carve their way through turns. I love the power-to-weight ratio. Twisting the trottle deeply is like that blur of stars before the Millennium Falcon enters hyper space.

Riding improves how you drive a car. Riding causes you to be more conservative with the space cushion between you and other vehicles. Riding also causes you to focus further on the road ahead and road signs such as a steep turn with dramatically reduced speed limit.

If you decide to get into riding, be advised it is inherently dangerous. Take the Basic RiderCourse and wear full protective gear at all times, including armor.